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Optimal supply chain management



For us, customer-oriented thinking and action starts with an optimal logistical chain that is fully geared to our customers’ wishes. As a wholesaler, we keep a large stock of frequently requested products and building materials. Our products can be delivered quickly to any desired location at home or abroad.

Drop shipping

We offer drop shipment as a logistical service for retailers who sell Kebo products in their (web) store. This means we deliver your customer’s order directly to his or her home. That saves you work and storage space, and your customer receives the purchase faster.

Export distribution

We offer the possibility of export distribution for international customers ordering from us. Our import manufacturer then exports the order directly to our clients in, for example, Australia or Italy. Because it does not go to our distribution centre in the Netherlands first, it makes a considerable difference to delivery time. Export distribution calls for good agreements and trust between all the parties involved, Kebo and the manufacturer. We have worked with most manufacturers for many years, to full satisfaction.