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Core Values


Lasting partner with passion and ambitions

Kebo is a successful and financially sound Dutch family business. A flexible, customer-oriented organisation with short lines of communication and a highly coordinated team. All our employees in Ochten are very committed and have a passion for their trade. Because we find personal contact with our business relations important, we have no central switchboard but still have a genuine, in-house sales force.

Together with our strategic partners in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the Far East, we cater for all our customers’ requirements with a varied range, affordable quality, bespoke work, optimal logistics and sales support.

Long-lasting partnerships and corporate social responsibility form part of our core values. We do business in accordance with socially responsible norms and values, with consideration for people, society and the environment, both in the Netherlands and in the countries of our strategic partners.

“Our ambition is to exceed the expectations of retailers and partners, and to be a sustainable, full-service chain supplier. From private labels to ‘A’ brands.”

Our mission and vision

On the one hand, we want to strengthen our position in the (international) market for DIY products and lifestyle products. On the other hand, we want to increase our turnover in the tile market by being competitive with our price and product range.

To achieve our mission, we create the best possible collaborative arrangements between the manufacturers, our organisation and the customers. With our added value, wide knowledge and customer-oriented approach, we build lasting relationships with partners and retailers.

Our added value for partners and retailers:

  • Varied and distinctive product range
  • Bespoke solutions and total concept
  • Optimal supply chain management
  • Sales support, service and aftersales

Our core values, the principles that guide our actions:

  • Lasting partner: professional, loyal and reliable
  • Healthy organisation: financially, strategically and professionally; good team
  • Flexible and customer-oriented approach: fast action, hands-on mentality and commitment
  • Creative and solution-oriented: bespoke work, product and concept development, full-service total solutions
  • Investment: new products, extensive service, stocks
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): in phases, we take every feasible step to deal as responsibly as possible with people, the environment and society

Dealing properly with people

  • We are open to offering a job or work experience to people who are disadvantaged in the labour market.
  • We regularly offer training placements and internships in various departments.
  • We visit all the factories of manufacturers we want to work with to assess the work environment and conditions on site and improve them if necessary. 

Eco-friendly approach to materials

  • We preferably choose eco-friendly packaging materials such as white label boxes and uncoloured, brown packaging.
  • If printing is needed – for labels, packaging, etc. – we always ask for eco-friendly ink to be used.
  • We separate our waste streams and press plastics and paper/cardboard into compact bails, which we then dispose of separately.
  • We recycle (used) packaging material and reform it so it can be used again as filling and protective material in our package consignments.
  • We sell FSC®-labelled (FSC®-C123716) wood that is sustainably harvested without harming the forest.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

  • We try to get all products to our distribution centre or to our customers’ locations in the most eco-friendly way possible, preferably by train within Europe or by ship over long distances.
  • Thanks to our drop shipment logistical service, it is possible to deliver an order directly from the factory to customers all over the world.
  • We limit business flights and carpool when visiting customers.
  • All our drivers receive instructions on driving economically to limit fuel consumption.